Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're in the big arena now

Snoopy is continuing to progress, so much that Niki tack-walks him at least one day every week in the large arena.

We've also moved him from the paddock on the hill, down to a pipe corral by the arena, for two reasons. One is to re-introduce him to the concept of a smaller living space and more workouts per week. The other is because he began to lose a little weight and we wanted to bulk him up and keep an eye on his eating habits.

He gets two alfalfa flakes twice a day, plus a couple of buckets of alfalfa cubes. In addition, he gets a little corn oil to shine his coat, which is dry, flaky, and sparse.

Within a week, he's already looking a little plumper, with thicker hair.
It's not a lot, but we'll take it. Life's good.