Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals for 2012

My goals for this year are much like last's: enjoy my horse and take him to a few shows.

The first one is a one-day show in Desert Hot Springs, on January 14th. It's at the Willowbrook Riding Club, if you're interested in coming.

Then my selections get large and my decisions get foggier. I don't see anything on the horizon until April, when there are two shows. Three in May, then nothing until August. So the question I have to answer is, how many shows are too much for one month? Three in May seems exhausting, to me and the Snoop-Dog. But should I try for both in April? One is the first weekend and one is the second. (I'm not counting the Del Mar Nationals, because I'm just not going to that one.)

Maybe I should plan on the first horse show in the month. That way, if something happens, I've still got the second one to try to get to, instead of planning on the second one and having something happen.

Stay tuned. Snoopy and I may change our minds.

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