Thursday, February 23, 2012

I went to a horse show

See this picture?

Two-Legged Mom and Auntie Niki took me to a horse show! It was mostly fun. I don't like to get a bath so much, and it tickles my ears when Auntie Niki holds the buzzy machine next to them. She holds them next to my legs and on my nose, too. I don't know what for, but Two-Legged Mom says I look pretty, so it must be a good thing.

But then I get to ride in the Big Moving Box. That's fun. I get to eat and hang out. This time, my friends Tommy and Sandy went with me. The floor goes up and down forever, and the grass and trees go sideways forever, and then we're somewhere new.

I recognized this new place. I was here last year. They have really tasty water here, but the shavings aren't very fluffy. Last year I had my head out of my stall all the time and was always calling out to my friends.

This year, I felt different, like I was too grown up to scream and jump around. Even when Two-Legged Mom took me to the pen to let me run on the long rope, I didn't want to jump around or act silly. I had work to do.

Auntie Niki and Two-Legged Mom were the silly ones this time. My jammies are a pretty bright color. Two-Legged Mom calls it "red". Auntie Niki thinks it makes me look like Super Snoopy, whatever that means. She drew something on my hoodie.

I don't know what it is, but it made them laugh. I like to make Two-Legged Mom and Auntie Niki happy.

I had fun in the show ring. I went over all the sticks, just like I was told. Two-Legged Mom told me to back into the flower box, so I did. Usually I'm not supposed to knock things over in the ring, so that was fun.

After that, we walked back into the big moving box and ate more food and then we were back home.

Life is like a bag of carrots. It's all good.

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