Sunday, April 22, 2012

A big show!

Dear Diary,

I went in the big moving box again, and when we stopped, I was at a horse show. I knew it was a horse show because I had my good jammies on. Two-Legged Mom said it was the Del Mar Nationals.

Three of my friends came with me - Bubba, Tommy, and Quest. When I first got there, I was calling to all the other horses in the barn. Auntie Niki and Two-Legged Mom kept telling me to be quiet, but I don't know how to do that, so I kept calling. After forever, they took me through the barn aisles for a walk.

When we got done walking, there was soft dirt to run in, so I ran. I ran a lot.

I liked running in the dirt. It was really soft.

The next day, we went to the arena. It was a long way from the barn and it was really big. I wanted to look around and run and play, but Auntie Niki said no. It was hard to do, but I did it. There were pretty colors everywhere and people walking up high, and yellow rolling boxes and lights and flapping noises and big, big voices.

Auntie Niki rode me all around the arena and made me be a good boy. Then Two-Legged Mom got on me and rode me all around the arena. I could tell she was nervous, but she still kept me from looking around. After awhile, I didn't care about looking anymore. There were sticks on the ground to go over. They're always more interesting.

The next day, Miss Tina and Auntie Niki took Tommy and Quest somewhere. I didn't know where, I only knew they were gone. I called and called, but they didn't answer. I got very worried and tried to get out of my stall, but it was locked tight. When Two-Legged Mom came, she fussed over me.

"You are so sweaty, Snoopy. Let's get your clothes off." She took off my jammies and took me out of my stall. I was so happy to be out, I relaxed. She put on my special boots and the long rope and took me back to the soft dirt. I ran. I felt better.

When we got back, she took a wet brush and cloth and cleaned me off, then sprayed me, then cleaned, then sprayed. I could tell she was upset about me being so sweaty. She was growling things under her breath that I couldn't understand, but I knew the words weren't happy words.

After forever, Tommy came back. Two-Legged Mom took his saddle off and put it on me. She was still growling, so I stood still and tried not to make her growl more. Quest came back with Miss Niki, and then Miss Niki started to fuss over me. Two-Legged Mom stopped growling.

We went to the big arena. I liked it there. There were lots of horses to be with. Miss Niki rode me over the important, pretty sticks. I know they're important because I'm the only horse going over them, and there are people in hats who watch me and nod, and make little scratches on their papers.

After Auntie Niki rode me, Two-Legged Mom rode me over the important sticks. The people in hats watched again.

We stayed in the big arena forever again, then I heard big voices, then everyone started patting me.

"Second under both judges in Green and First under both judges in Novice Amateur," they said. I don't know what that meant, but I went back to the barn and got a bath and an apple, so it must have been good.

The next day, we did mostly the same thing, except they didn't take Quest and Tommy away from me, so I wasn't sweaty. Auntie Niki rode me, then Two-Legged Mom. I was a little bad for Two-Legged Mom, and wanted to look at the people going by instead of listening to her. She pulled on my bridle and made me pay attentiona gain. Then my leg got kind of tired and I stopped loping over some sticks, so she had to push me again.

When the big voice had finished talking, I got second under both judges in Green and a second and third in Novice Amateur. Then the big voice said I was something called Circuit Champion, which was weird, because I think I'm a horse.

It made Two-Legged Mom happy, and I got another apple, so it was all good.