Thursday, June 14, 2012

I done good

Dear Diary,

I've been back from the horse show for a couple of weeks now. I would have written before, but I have a cold in my nose right now. I don't feel sick, but yesterday I had a runny nose. Now it's just crusty. Doctor Brigid came out and looked at me and thumped on my ribs and put something in my tushie. It's a good thing she gives me cookies.

She told Two-Legged Mom I didn't have a fever and my lungs sounded clear and my throat didn't feel sore. Honest, she didn't have to thump me and stick things in my bottom - she could have just asked. After that, everyone smiled and left, but my lunch tasted different. Sandy, the horse who lives across from me, said she heard them talking about giving me "anty boddicks." If that's what's in my lunch, it sure tastes funny.

It was a smaller show than the last one and I wasn't so crazy here, but I still liked looking around at everything. I wore my Super Snoopy jammies, as usual.

On the first day, Auntie Niki rode me, then Two-Legged Mom rode me. I've now learned that after they ride me, they listen for a big voice to say my name and then a number. So on the first day, I heard I had a number 3 from both judges when Auntie Niki rode me, and when Two-Legged Mom rode me.

On the second day, I mostly slept. Two-Legged Mom got me out and rode me a little bit, then let me go back to sleep.

The third day, we were in the show again. This time, I heard I had a number 3 and 4 when Auntie Niki rode me, and a number 2 and 3 when Two-Legged Mom rode me. They both were happy.

Two-Legged Mom took me back to my stall and got me all undressed. I didn't have to wear my Super Snoopy jammies, either.

I was tired.