Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Carline Christmas Photo Day!

We just celebrated Thanksgiving and you know what that means. It's time for the Carline Christmas Photo Day, held the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year was no different than any other. We try to get all of the humans and animals in the same general area, while a friend stands by with a camera and clicks away. The hope is that we find one picture with everyone facing forward. Smiles are a bonus.

This year, we added a new member - Lady Spazzleton. She was found wandering around the ranch without tags, microchip, or any indication of a responsible owner. She looks a little like a golden retriever. Maybe not golden... maybe pyrite.

It doesn't really matter how many animals or humans are in the mix. We've got this down to a science, and usually end up with a good Christmas picture within twenty or so attempts.

Here we are, setting up the dogs first.

After I hand them off to Marcus, I rearrange them.

That's better.

Next, Dale steps in and takes one of the dogs, I hand the cat to Marcus and bring in the horses. My dream someday is to hold Frostie and let Dale hold Snoopy.

Like that will ever happen.

We ended up with two pretty good photos. Which one do you like?

We are smiling!

Not all smiling, but facing the camera!

Many thanks to our photographer, our friend Ernest Williams, who rides at the ranch with his wife, Tina. This is what happens when you are at the ranch during Carline Christmas Photo Day - you get roped into being a photographer!

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  1. I love that Marcus is'nt "too old for that now, Mom". And Duffy is ready and waiting while Spaz has to get with the program.
    My fave of these is the all three smiling one, for sure.