Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Now the work begins

In hindsight, the writing of a book always seems easier than it was, and Snoopy's story was no exception. Although I wrote it incredibly fast (perhaps because he was telling me what to say?), the editing process was harder and I had to call for professional help.

Now that I have a manuscript, the hard part really starts. I spent a few moments wondering if I should query agents with this book, then realized that I had such a vision for the way this book will look, I would be a nightmare client for anyone who took me on. So Dancing Corgi Press (of whom I'm the CEO, CFO, editor-in-chief, bottle washer, and client) will be publishing Snoopy's tale.

I will be scheduling a photo session with the delightful and talented Lynne Glazer. She took the picture of Frostie and me that I use on many of my promotional materials and social media sites. I want a picture like this:

Only it needs to be better, of course.

I also need to write the jacket blurb. Although I've written the book in Snoopy's voice, I don't know if the jacket should also be in his voice, or in third person. My three go-to comparison books, Black Beauty, War Horse, and The Art of Racing in the Rain, all use third person for the jacket.

Here's the first attempt. I welcome comments.

* * *

Snoopy is an American Quarter horse. When he was three years old, he was a champion. He won the 2007 Trail Futurity, a multi-event contest held over several shows in southern and central California. Both his trainer and his owner had his career mapped out. He was natural show horse.

Then in the spring of 2008 he broke his left hind sesamoid, a small bone in the leg that can mean anything from surgery to euthanasia for a horse. The doctor recommended surgery and said Snoopy should be back to work in six months.

Two years later, he finally was.

This is Snoopy's story, told from his view, in his voice. The story of a young horse who was at the top of his game, only to be sidelined by injury. He tells the tale of his fight to return to the show arena, to prove he’s the same horse he always was, only different.

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