Sunday, January 20, 2013

That was FUN!

On Wednesday, MomToo came to see me. She got me all cleaned up and shiny looking. While I was drying in the crossties, she decided to get my Mom out and let her stretch her legs. Since she was busy, I thought I'd inspect my grooming bag... and dig in the geraniums... and chew on my new halter and lead rope.

I did have to unhook one side of my crosstie chains. Is that a problem?

MomToo didn't think this was a good idea at all.

Soon, her friend, Miss Lynne came. Auntie Niki took me to the big arena on the hill and took off my halter. Miss Lynne sat in the middle of the arena and Auntie Niki chased me back and forth on the rail, while MomToo tried to keep me from crashing into the fence.

I got to run and jump and buck and play. I never usually get to play so much. It was so much fun! I saw that Miss Lynne had a black box that was making clicking noises, so I ran and jumped even more.

After I was tired, MomToo took me down to the other arena and walked and stood and sat with me while Miss Lynne pointed the black box at me and made more clicking noises. Then I went back to my stall and MomToo fed me candy canes. There was more clicking noises.

It might have been my best day ever.

From listening to them talk, I figured out they were taking pictures for my book. Miss Lynne took a lot. Here they are.
I think I look pretty good. What do you think?

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