Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cover reveal (insert trumpets here)

I had such a clear vision of what the cover would look like. Snoopy would be running, kicking up his heels, full of life's joy. Lynne took the photos. I handed several to Joe, along with the title, etc.

What Joe gave me wasn't at all in my vision... it was better.

Look at that face. It's so full of personality. The red is a perfect shade of brick, the font whimsical, and I like that dark line close to the spine.

It's not what I asked for but it's everything I wanted. At first, I was disappointed that we didn't use the full photo, but Niki pointed something out that I needed to hear. She said, "We needed to take those action shots just to get his expression."

Soon, Joe will have the back cover and spine for me as well, and I can start assembling the book. Those ARCs are practically in the mail!

1 comment:

  1. Gayle, this is gorgeous!I like the wind in his mane, the perky ears, and the ever so slight tilt of his head. I also like the layout of the title, and the as told to mention. This is a great cover!