Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's go!

 Dear Diary,

Humans are funny.

Auntie Niki and MomToo said we were going to a horse show. Auntie Niki shaved my legs yesterday, and today, MomToo took me to the washrack and gave me a big bath.

While I was getting my mane washed, I heard a noise. It was a truck. There was a moving box attached to it, and people were loading horses into the box. I didn't know the horses very well, but I whinnied to them.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"To the horse show," one of them said. "So long, Loser."

They had gone to the horse show and left me there!

MomToo led me to the cross-ties. She told me I could dry out in the sun. I didn't want to dry out in the sun. I wanted to go to the horse show. I got worried. Those horses were going and not taking me. I started to jump up and down in the cross-ties.

"Knock it off," MomToo told me, but I couldn't stop. I kept jumping. MomToo put my lead rope back on and made me walk into the barn aisle. We stood there for a long time -- almost forever. Then Auntie Niki came.

"So here's what's happening with Snoopy," MomToo said to Auntie Niki and told her about the trailer and the horses, and my whinnying and jumping.

Auntie Niki laughed. "He really wants to go to the horse show."

She took out the clippers and clipped my face and my bridle path. Then she told MomToo to put me in the cross-ties and she'd band my mane.

"You sure he'll be okay out there?" MomToo asked.

"Yes, the trailer's gone so he's probably over it."

She was right. The horses and the moving box had left, so I stood quietly and got my mane banded. Auntie Niki put my sleazie on me and led me back to the stall.

"Tomorrow, Snoopy," she said. "We'll go to the show tomorrow."

Silly humans. I wish they'd have told me that to begin with.

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