Sunday, March 3, 2013

Got a question? Ask me!

MomToo got me an email account, so everyone can ask me stuff and I can answer them. Want to know something about horses? I'll do my best to tell you. You can reach me at:


I'm also on Twitter now. You can follow me (at)SnoopytheQH, and I'll follow you back!


  1. Dear Snoopy,
    A boy as handsome as you must have an impressive heritage. So what are your bloodline? Also, what is your fav snack?

  2. Thanks, Roni. My dad is Artful Investment. He's an 8-time Superior Horse and was Reserve Super Horse at the AQHA World Show. My mom is One Zip in Time. She didn't like to show, but her dad is Trespasser One and her grandpa is Zippo Pine Bar. He's in the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

    As far as treats, gosh I love lots of those! I like carrots and apples, but my favorite is peppermint. Every Christmas I get candy canes and I love them!