Monday, March 4, 2013

Would you like to make a reservation?

One of the unfortunate things about producing books with CreateSpace is that I cannot specify an exact release date in the future and allow Amazon (and other outlets) to accept pre-orders. What I CAN do is accept pre-orders my own darned self.

The bad news? Well, I'm not as rich as Amazon, so I do charge for shipping costs, plus it might take a little time to get your copy, since the books have to be delivered to me, then I ship them to you. As a (co)author, it feels weird to be the middle man, but them's the breaks.

The good news? You can get your copy autographed. TO YOU. This is something you can't get on Amazon.

The button to your right will allow you to pre-order your autographed copy. After June, when the book is available, the button will still exist, so you can order your autographed copy.

I'm trying to line up some signings, too. If you can make it to one of those, you can save shipping costs.

Maybe I'll see you there, instead!

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