Sunday, June 23, 2013

The very busy book launch

My apologies for being so late in this post. At first, my excuse was that I was exhausted from launching Snoopy's book, but ultimately it was just laziness keeping me from writing. Laziness and working on other projects.

Snoopy and I had a great time launching his book at the Lights, Camera, Action Horse Show in Burbank, California. It was a balancing act, to be sure. Each day, I made sure I rode first, then I'd go over to the show office and set up my table.

Sadly, my cool banner isn't working out like I thought it would. The stand for it is too weak to hold the canvas. I tried duct tape, hot glue, everything but a welding torch, but it just wouldn't hold in the frame.


I sold seven books at the show. Not impressive numbers, but I sold a couple of books to judges who live in Texas, which means Snoopy's story will travel. Also, my buddy Steve Connell stopped by to meet Snoopy and get a copy.

Snoopy thought Steve looked pretty interesting, but I like to keep him from chewing on potential readers.

I also gave away a prize package to all of the AQHA Trail Circuit Champions, which meant they kept announcing my name all weekend. I swear, the first time Larry (Gimple, the show manager) said my name over the PA system, I thought I was being called into the principal's office.

As far as showing, Snoopy and I did really well on the first day and really badly on the second. We actually got a 2nd and a 5th the first day. On the second day, we messed up badly when we backed the 'L'.

It all started when I pulled up to the gate and turned to watch for the judge's nod. In the meantime, Snoopy was pulling a huge branch off the tree in front of the standard. That never looks professional. The rest of the gate wasn't bad, but when I tried to back the 'L', Snoopy informed me by swinging his hip, that he could take care of this. He was too early, so I tried to stop him, but managed to get wiggly in the saddle. The result was that we straddled the pole, then corrected ourselves, then went on our merry way.

I've been backing 'L's ever since in my lessons. (Amazingly, we ended up finishing 7th and 9th that day, out of 10 horses. I really expected to be dead last.)

I did make some errors that I wish I could correct, and they have to do with photo ops. I should have gotten a picture with Larry and the book, and a picture of one of the circuit champions with their awards. Damn.

But it was a good start to Snoopy's good book.