Tuesday, July 30, 2013

He said/She said

We're getting ready for our last horse show of the season, the Pink Show, held in Burbank. Our previous horse show was in Temecula last month. Since usually this blog is either written by me or Snoopy, I thought I'd give us both a chance to weigh in on what happened at the last show.

Fact: Usually, Snoopy is very excited to go to a horse show and spends the first longeing session running like he's trying out for the Preakness. Then he is quiet for the rest of the show.

Me: I don't understand why you didn't run and jump like a crazy beast on Thursday.

Snoopy: I had worked already that day. Remember? You rode me. I was crazy on the inside.

Fact: On Friday, show day, Snoopy longed like the Horse from Hell. Snorting, running, leaping in the air and pawing with the front feet.

Me: You wore yourself out, ya big goofball! Plus, you nearly took me dirt surfing.

Snoopy: Wheeee!!

Fact: Snoopy was tired and dull around the trail course.

Me: So, after running like an idiot, you were too tired to jog? I felt like I carried 1100 pounds around those poles.

Snoopy: I just wanted a nap.

Fact: On the last show day, Snoopy was back to his normal self.

Me: I learned a lot on this course. First, even if your horse speeds up and spins in the box, if he steps out at the end, just go with it, even if you are a little dizzy. Second, focus on one thing at a time, and do not adjust your reins while you ask your horse to transition from the lope to the walk. Third (and this is the Gayle rule only), never take your eyes off your horse at the gate.

Snoopy: I thought we did good. First, don't worry about being dizzy. I get dizzy all the time. Second, if you want me to walk, tell me to walk. I'll see what I can do about it. But when you tickle my neck with the reins, I get a little distracted. Third, sometimes you are very strict. I liked that rope. It tasted good.

Wish us luck in Burbank!

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