Friday, November 29, 2013

It's that time of year again

This week, MomToo came out to the ranch with the humans in her family. She does this sometimes.  The Man comes with her, and this time another Man came. He used to be a little human, but now he's bigger.

They brought the two dogs, Duffy and Lady Spazzleton and Katy the cat. I like the cat but she doesn't like me. She is very soft, and I like to sniff her. She doesn't like being sniffed. As usual, the older Man held Mom's rope and they all stood together with us and I heard clicking noises.

Auntie Niki had a black box and was making it click.

Me and Mom were being good.

Okay, mostly good. And mostly Mom.

I confess, I wanted a closer sniff of Duffy's fur. He didn't like it any more than Katy did, and tried to bite my nose, then started barking at me. I was just having fun.

Soon I heard Auntie Niki say she thought she got a good one. A good what, I don't know, but I got to go back to my stall and eat my dinner. It was good.

Today MomToo came back to see me. It was raining, but she brought me cookies and candy canes so I didn't mind. Auntie Niki asked if any of the pictures came out and MomToo started talking about photo shopping and a bunch of stuff I didn't understand. Somehow she turned this picture:

Into this picture:

And she was awfully proud about it. I like when MomToo is proud of something. It makes her happy. She said something about sending the picture in a Christmas letter. Maybe I will get a letter.

I hope mine comes with food.

Friday, November 15, 2013

I like to play

Dear Diary,

This is my ball.

I like my ball. It is not supposed to be on my wall. It is supposed to be on the floor, where I can pick it up. Pick it up and throw it.

Late at night, my friends and I played catch with the ball. We would throw it to each other across the barn aisle. It was fun. Usually, Tommy would drop it and the ball would stay in the aisle until Auntie Niki came in the morning. She would put it back in my stall.

One morning she said she was tired of picking it up, and she put it on a chain. Now we can't play catch when we are awake at night. I am sad.

Darn that Tommy.