Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Catching up

There is just so much to tell these days, and as usual, it comes in one big burst, instead of spreading over a few days or weeks.

First of all, I spent a weekend in February at the Pomona Horse Expo. I met a lot of great folks, and sold a few books, but most importantly, I met Julie Preble of Horse and Rider Magazine.

I had sent the folks at Horse and Rider an advance copy of FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH, but nothing had happened. Julie came to my table, introduced herself, apologized for the delay in reading and reviewing Snoopy's book, then interviewed me and asked for a copy to give away at a contest.

All within about 30 seconds.

A couple of weeks later, the contest is on the Horse and Rider website, and my interview is on their YouTube channel.

Color me stoked!

While all this was happening, we were trying to adjust Snoopy's shoes in the back to make him travel easier. Dr. Pollard came out and took x-rays of the bionic leg. These were the first x-rays taken in five years. Here's the picture from five years ago:

Here's the picture from last month:

See the difference? Neither do we. For a leg to be so unaffected by five years of constant use (I mean, it is a horse leg), is nothing less than a miracle. In addition, the fact that Snoopy treats Dr. Pollard, or any vet, as just another person in his life is amazing. Many horse begin to get "vet-shy" and try to avoid interaction with doctors. And trust me, they can all identify vets.

Next week, we are planning to go to the Show Me the Money horse show. I'd ask you to wish us lots of  luck, but I'd rather you wish us lots of fun!