Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tummy trouble

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I had a tummy ache. It wasn't a big tummy ache. I felt fine when Auntie Niki let me run around on the longe line. I jumped and bucked and kicked. Then she got in the saddle and made me go over poles. I like to go over poles.

But when MomToo got on me, my tummy started hurting. It hurt so much that I laid down in the middle of the poles and made her jump off.


They walked me around, then took me to my stall. I still hurt, so I laid down again. After forever, Auntie Niki made me get up and walked me around for a long long time. Almost forever.

When I finally went back to my stall, I felt better. I wanted food. No one would feed me. I told them over and over that I was hungry. My friends all got their dinner.

After forever, MomToo gave me a little hay. It was so small, I ate it in one bite. Then Auntie Niki gave me another bite of hay. It was something. But it wasn't enough.

I hope they give me more hay today.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I like magazines. They're tasty.

Dear Diary,

MomToo came to the ranch. She was very excited.  Kept talking about a magazine and AQHA and how cool it all was. She tried to show me the magazine.

I can understand her words all right, but I don't get all those little lines on the paper.

Then she held it away from me so Auntie Niki could take a picture of us together.

It was interesting. Very interesting. I thought maybe it would taste good.

Then MomToo's hand got in the way. That was tasty, too!

Here's what she was trying to show me.

Humans get excited about the weirdest stuff. I gotta go eat some hay now.