Friday, June 6, 2014

I have a good time everywhere!

Dear Diary,

We went to another horse show last week. I had such a good time. There's always interesting things to see. Before we went, I got a bath.

Once we got there, Auntie Niki took me out for a nice run. Golly it felt good!

I love horse shows. I get a nice cushy stall and room service!

I tried to be a good horse on the trail course, but sometimes it was hard to do. They stuck lots of yummy plants around - what's a guy to do when he's hungry? MomToo tugged on my face and wouldn't let me eat, though. And the judges looked so friendly, I wanted to go over and talk to them. MomToo and Auntie Niki both said no.

Auntie Niki and I did really well. MomToo and I did some things well and some things not so well. Every time she asked me to turn around in the box, I got stuck. I wasn't moving fast enough and keeping my feet going, so my hurt foot would get stuck under my hip and make MomToo stop and push me to make my hip scoot over.

I guess we're gonna work on boxes at home now.

But we still had fun!

While we were there, Auntie Niki told MomToo that someone had asked if I was for sale. For SALE?!?!? I couldn't be for sale! MomToo and I still have to work on our boxes! I was a little nervous for a moment, but MomToo just laughed.

"His user's manual is way too big," she said, then petted me. "Snoop, your fate was sealed when I pulled you out of your mom. You're mine."

It was a good show.