Thursday, January 22, 2015

I got mail.

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a very nice holiday. I'm not really sure what a holiday is, but last month, MomToo brought me candy canes and carrots and apples, more than usual. So I guess holidays mean treats. 

I like holidays.

Now that it is the new year, I am another year older. I don't understand this, either. My birthday is April 28, but MomToo says all Quarter horses have their birthdays on January 1. I didn't get a cake or anything.

But I did get one thing new: a little metal box for my lunch.

Every day, Raul gives me a very special lunch. It's sweet, and salty, and kind of stinky. My MomToo tells me it's my supple mints. (MomToo's note: Snoopy is referring to his supplements of glucosamine, electrolytes, and garlic, all hidden in alfalfa & molasses.) I like my lunch, and whinny for it when I see Raul. I like Raul.

But one day, MomToo came out of the lunch room holding a box and saying bad words. We had a rat in the lunch room. Jet's mom said it was a big rat. MomToo said it had eaten my supple mints. She was mad.

"That stupid rat chewed completely through both plastic bins and ate their supplements." 

Then she went away.

When she came back the next morning, she brought two new boxes. She was smiling. Auntie Niki was laughing a little.

"What?" MomToo said. "It's metal."

"It's a mailbox," said Auntie Niki.

"Well if a rat chews through this, then I surrender."

I don't know what MomToo meant by that, but I'm happy to have a new metal box for my lunch. Rats don't share.