Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ranch Rashomon

Gayle's story:

I've lived long enough to know that change comes to everything. Sometimes it's a matter of simple, small adjustments over time, so that you don't notice that nothing is the same until you look back through the years. Sometimes it's an abrupt difference in the way you do things, or where you live. 

We've recently been through the abrupt thing, as a result of the small adjustments. My horse trainer Niki has moved two doors down--that's the abrupt one. It happened as a result of the little things we didn't notice until we turned around. We loved the Silver Rose Ranch. It was peaceful and pretty. Snoopy was born there. When other trainers came and went, we sighed and said, "More arena space for us."

Then we looked up one day and saw that we were isolated from other horse trainers, other horses, and opportunities for Niki to expand her business. It was a gut-wrenching process, touring the new facility, asking question after question, wondering whether we really had to do this. 

In the end, the answer was yes. We've been at the Hillcrest Equestrian Center for a week. It's lovely and quiet. The other trainers and their clients are friendly. 

Of course, my horses are settling in, each a little differently. I'll let them tell you what they think.

Frostie's turn:

Gayle told me of the new stable before we went. She tries so hard to visualize what is going to happen so I'm not surprised by anything. I don't like surprises. She kept showing me a very large pipe corral with a roof on half of it, and shavings. 

At least, I thought I didn't like surprises. Instead of taking me to the pipe corral, she took me to a much fancier in-and-out. It's kind of like a box stall with a little yard attached to it. I have two neighbors. Both are very nice, after I explained I was the mare in charge. We eat flake hay here, not cubes, and they clean my stall a lot.

If I had one complaint, I'm not fond of the walk to the round pen and the arena. It's very uphill. I had to stop three times the first day because I'm not used to the climb. But other than than, I love my new home.

Snoopy's thoughts:

WHERE AM I?!?!?! 

I am not at a horse show, because no one is giving me a bath or putting bands in my mane. I am not at home, but I am close to my home. I've never lived anywhere but my home. I can smell my home from my stall. Why am I here?

They feed me good here. Lots of hay. The first few days, I couldn't stop walking around in my stall. MomToo is worried because I look so skinny. The arena is good. The dirt there is very soft and bouncy, and makes my legs feel good. 

I don't like the crossties so much. There is a bar in the back and when I step back, it hits me in the bottom. Then there are buildings and horses and people and noises behind that. It makes me nervous. 

MomToo keeps telling me that we've moved, and this is my new home, but she is still my MomToo and Auntie Niki are still here and no one will leave me. After a while, I started believing what she said. I'm getting calmer now.

I've seen Mom every day, too. She tells me to calm down, that this is a good ranch and I will like it here. As long as I'm with my family and my friends, I guess she's right.

Gayle again:

Come visit Victory Farms at Hillcrest Equestrian Center!

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