Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Retirement is good

Dear Diary,

I am happy. Living at Miss Linda's ranch, hanging out with my friends all day, is good. I get lots of food and attention. MomToo visits me pretty often. I'm always happy to see her, but when I first moved here, I got mad if she didn't come every week.

At least, as I counted the sunrises.

I was in a pen with Freeze and Briley. Then a new horse came, Sebastian. He was next door, with Joey and Seven. Sebastian is a big horse, bigger than me, and kept pushing Joey and Seven around. They didn't like that, so Miss Linda moved me in with Joey and Seven, and put Sebastian in with Briley and Freeze.

That was pretty perfect. Joey and Seven liked me a lot better than they liked Sebastian. Of course, I've gotten better horse manners, too, after being with Freeze and Briley. They are now teaching Sebastian good manners.

Our paddock is quieter than next door. Briley and Freeze like to run and play. I like to run and play, too, but sometimes it makes my body tired. Joey and Seven just like to hang out. Seven can't run very well because his knees hurt. I like hanging out, especially with Joey. We are best friends now.

(Seven and I are waiting for Joey to come back from his morning snack.)

My hair is getting very thick and my mane is long and I don't look like a show horse any more. Monte still comes to trim my feet. I don't wear shoes on my back feet now. MomToo says I look like a horse, which is good, because that's what I am.

Life is good.

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