Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tummy trouble

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I had a tummy ache. It wasn't a big tummy ache. I felt fine when Auntie Niki let me run around on the longe line. I jumped and bucked and kicked. Then she got in the saddle and made me go over poles. I like to go over poles.

But when MomToo got on me, my tummy started hurting. It hurt so much that I laid down in the middle of the poles and made her jump off.


They walked me around, then took me to my stall. I still hurt, so I laid down again. After forever, Auntie Niki made me get up and walked me around for a long long time. Almost forever.

When I finally went back to my stall, I felt better. I wanted food. No one would feed me. I told them over and over that I was hungry. My friends all got their dinner.

After forever, MomToo gave me a little hay. It was so small, I ate it in one bite. Then Auntie Niki gave me another bite of hay. It was something. But it wasn't enough.

I hope they give me more hay today.

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